Digital Identity

Creating a digital identity from scratch means you need to take a lot of different aspects into account. It is right at the crossroads of business, technology, philosophy & design.



Creating a digital identity from scratch is a very rewarding process. It is where business, technology, philosophy & design meet. A place where I feel right at home. I took care of the logo, branding, copywriting and development. I also set up the hosting and mail server.

Total package deal!

Project Summary

  • Date: 2017
  • Client:
  • Categories: Design, Development
  • Tools used: HTML5/CSS3, Wordpress, Adobe CC, Hosting, DNS Management

We are very impressed with the speed of production and the creativity Jasper showed while working towards the beautiful end product. We learned a lot from him when it comes to digital identities and web development.

Jan van Dort - Director,

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